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Travel Requirements and Restrictions

Requirements and Restrictions

Some destinations and service providers have strict requirements and restrictions in place to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and help keep travelers safe. Please read for more information about how those requirements or restrictions may affect your plans. Again, we strongly recommend using the Sherpa website to ensure you are prepared with all necessary documents, and always cross reference that information with local government sites or tourism boards.

1. What do I need to know if I have a connecting flight?

a) As long as you have not passed through or spent time in a red-level country, you can connect as you ordinarily would. You must stay airside (which means you cannot pass through Border Patrol at the airport), regardless of the length of the layover between connecting flights. Depending on the length of layovers, some travelers like to exit the airport and spend some time in the city. If you have a longer layover and do this, you will require a new test before you can connect to your next destination. This action could result in delays, financial loss for unused services, or quarantine requirements.

2. Will there be restrictions or special transit testing in my connecting city?

a) Some destinations may require transit testing, but the situation is constantly evolving. We recommend you use the Sherpa website to keep up to date with the most recent requirements for documentation and testing, as well as country-specific restrictions, for each destination you intend to visit.

3. What do I need to know if I am visiting multiple destinations?

a)Keep in mind that combining multiple destinations may result in the need to arrange for additional COVID-19 tests. As an example, if you combine cities in two different destinations that each require a COVID-19 test for entry, you will need to test in the first city and have your results ready before you can move to the next destination because your original test’s 3-day validity will have expired. You can use the Sherpa website to determine testing requirements by destination and find trusted testing facilities in each location to help you meet these requirements.

4. Will my hotel have special check-in procedures?

a) Given the nature of varying COVID-19 policies around the world, it is wise to refer to your travel voucher where hotels list their check-in procedures. Some hotels have gone with contactless check-in, while others are operating as they always have, and yet others require clients to call in advance to arrange for check-in. Your voucher will have any specific instructions that the hotel has conveyed to us.

We can recommend the following best practices for check-in:
--Wear a mask.
--Practice social distancing if there are multiple people in the lobby or at the front desk.
--Have your vouchers ready to present (you can print out vouchers or use the Tripmasters app for digital vouchers which limits person to person contact).