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Day 1 in Rio

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro! Upon arrival, you will go through customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transfer to your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exit immigration. Arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do!

Start your sightseeing day at Ipanema Beach which was recently named the best city beach in the world. Enjoy the clean air and sun for an hour or so during the morning hours while the rays are not so strong. Take a taxi to Christ the Redeemer and enjoy the glorious view of Rio laid out before you. The taxi will drop you off halfway up Corcovado mountain, from there you pay an official van (approximately R$20 per person) which will take you to the top (Christ the Redeemer). Next, stop for lunch at one of the Rio`s many kilo restaurants. In the afternoon, stroll to the Centro district and walk the old streets of Rio. Make sure you browse the Uruguaiana shopping district and step into one of several baroque churches. Finish your walk with a refreshing drink in a relaxing sidewalk cafe in Cinelandia, or one of many patios in Arcos do Teles. Have dinner back in South Zone at one of the top-notch restaurants in Leblon.

Day 2 in Rio

Enjoy some culture on your second day in Rio and see the Forte de Copacabana. If you are more interested in art, visit Museu de Arte Moderna (MAM) which has helped launch the careers of many modern and contemporary artists on the international art circuit. If history peaks your interest, visit Museu Historico Nacional which houses many Brazilian and South American artifacts, including the largest collection of coin and currency in Latin America.

Next, take a scenic lunch overlooking Sugarloaf (Pao de Acucar) at the Circulo Militar in Urca. Then challenge yourself by hiking the Pao de Acucar`s peak and enjoy one of the best views in Rio. The views of the beaches and Corcovado mountain are breathtaking. Afterward, relax and reward yourself with dinner at the Porcao on Flamengo beach which is an all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue overlooking the bay and Sugarloaf. In the evening, go for a drink, dance, and enjoy some live Brazilian music at any of a number of spots in Lapa.

Day 3 in Rio

In the cool of the morning, take the old streetcar across the Arcos de Lapa to the unique hilltop neighborhood of Santa Teresa and see the Museu Chacara do Ceu. Enjoy the view of Ruin Park, or savor lunch at an outdoor cafe. In the afternoon, go hang gliding, soaring beneath the wind while admiring the mountains and waves below. If hang gliding isn`t your cup of tea, take a hike in the rainforest at Tijuca National Park, or take a peaceful stroll through Jardim Botanico.

In the evening, walk along the edge of Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas or people watch in the nightlife area of Baixo Leblon. Have a snack, a refreshment, or dine at one of the many restaurants.

Additional Days in Rio

Enjoy another day at one of the beaches or explore one of the Museums of Art or History; Museu de Arte do Rio, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil or Theatre Municipal. Take a Favela tour through the huge and hidden neighborhood of Rocinha or check out the sights in Niteroi across the bay. Try some extreme sports, like rappelling or rafting or take a gentle tour down the coast to the Museu Casa do Pontal and Grumari beach.

Note: If it`s a Saturday prior to the carnival, go see a samba school rehearsal. Or find a botequim or restaurant that plays music and enjoy Rio until as late as you like.

On Your Last Day in Rio

Depart your hotel for the airport that will take you home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer; if so, a representative will meet you at the hotel in time to take you to the airport for your flight out.