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Public Transportation

Public transportation is very efficient in Salzbug and environmentally-friendly. The public transportation system (SVV) consists of trams and buses operating on the same ticket system. Tickets cost around €2.10 ($2.25) for a single journey if purchased from the driver or around €1.90 ($2) if you buy from a ticket machine. Tickets are also available for 24-hours at about €5.30 ($5.65), and weekly tickets at about €14.00 ($15). Purchasing tickets in advance is always the least expensive option.

The trolleybuses run during the daytime every 10 minutes, while most of the regular buses run at 15-minute intervals. Every destination in the city is quick and easy to reach. You can find bus schedule at Bus routes are shown at bus stops and on some city maps. The main bus station, Sudtirolerplatz, is outside of the Hauptbahnhof. Buses 1 and 4 will take you to the ring around the Aldstadt.

Night buses run until 12:45pm on Friday and Saturday nights and connect with late Lokalbahn trains departing from Hauptbahnhof.

Bus Taxi

Salsburg`s bus taxis cost about €3 ($3.20) per trip and run nightly along 12 set routes. Buses going to the western suburbs pick up at Hanuschplatz and those going to Right Bank pick up at Thetergasse. They run from 11:30pm until 1:30am, and until 3am on weekends.


Salzburg is the kind of city that really should be explored on foot. Unless you are staying somewhere out of the way or taking a trip out to the suburbs, buses and trams are unnecessary.


Salsburg is consistently ranked s the top bicycle-friendly city in Austria. Getting around by bike in the city is extremely convenient with more than 105 miles of bike paths and 5,500 bike parking spaces. In addition to bike tours, many of the area`s hotels offer complimentary use of bikes or on-site bike rentals. Plus, travelers can rent electric bikes, which are available at 10 stations throughout Salzburg; prices will vary depending on the company or hotel.


With over 50 taxi stands scattered throughout the city, taxis are a quick way to get around. In Salzburg, you will not need to hail a cab, but rather call one or go to one of the numerous taxi stands located at the various places throughout the city (most in the central areas). During nights on weekends taxis often circle around important entertainment spots to pick up passengers. It is worth noting that taxis charge a surcharge at night and on holidays. To ensure a fair rate, agree on a fare before getting into a cab and talk to your hotel concierge about what the typical rate is to and from various sites.


Much like other Austrian cities, Salzburg`s streets are narrow and its parking spaces limited, so using a car in Salzburg isn`t recommended. However, should you opt to rent a car; there are some parking options available. Some streets feature automatic ticket machines, which allow you to park for up to three hours for about €4 (about $4.75); Saturday street parking is free. But keep in mind that street parking is extremely limited and is only available during certain hours (about 9am. to 7pm during weekdays and 9am to 6pm on Saturdays). In addition to street parking, the area also features three park-and-ride lots just outside of the city, and several of Salzburg`s attractions have on-site parking lots as well. While rates vary depending on the lot, park-and-ride options start at about €1 euro ($1.25) per hour.