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Speed limits used in the United States are posted in miles per hour, they vary by road and state and some roads post a minimum speed limit and a maximum speed limit that needs to be obeyed by all drivers. Different speed limits vary from 15mph up to 85 mph. The best advice on speed limits in the states is to follow all posted speed limit signs and try to learn the full breakdown of speed limits of different roads and locations state to state.

The speed limits in the United States are set up by each state or territory and by counties within the states and municipalities. A maximum speed limit on rural two-lane roads can range from 50 mph in parts of the northeast and up to 75 mph in parts of Texas. Rural highways and freeways speed limits can range from 60mph to 85 mph and all roads in the US have a speed limit, but sometimes this may not be posted especially in rural areas.

It is difficult for drivers visiting the US to plan to travel through different states due to there being no set countrywide speed limits. The best advice is to keep an eye out for the speed limit signs posted on the roads and pay attention to how fast you are driving. Some areas in the US monitor speed by radar and if you are driving too fast they may send a speeding ticket through the mail. Some general rules to go by, speed limits are usually 25-35 mph within cities unless otherwise specified, maximum speeds for interstates and freeways vary from 65-80 mph, school zones are between 10-25 mph when the yellow warning lights are flashing during school drop off and pick up hours.