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Day 1 in Danang

Welcome to Danang! Upon arrival at the airport, you will go through customs and immigration. Should you opt to purchase a transfer to your hotel; a representative will be waiting for you as you exit immigration. Arrive at your hotel, check in and do not give in to jet lag! There is so much for you to see and do!

We recommend you get acquainted with the city, wander through the city center and take in the beautiful architecture of the French colonial style buildings which house many eateries and shops, where you can stop in for a bite to eat and refreshment.

Make your way to the bustling Con Market, where you can shop at over 2,000 unique shops and stalls for that one of a kind gift. The stalls sell everything from fresh produce to tasty street food and snacks.

Check out the Da Nang Cathedral, referred to as the Rooster Church, with its pink hue and rooster weathercock that sits atop of the steeple. The Gothic-style architecture and stunning vibrant stained glass windows are a beautiful sight. Daily services are held at the cathedral and the grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary is situated behind the building.

From here, you can take an authentic cyclo ride over to the Museum of Cham Sculptures, a one of a kind museum dedicated to the Champa Era. This amazing museum holds the largest collection of Cham artifacts in the world. The French colonial style building holds over 400 pieces, including stone sculptures that are made from sandstone and terracotta, and carved in the shape of Shivas, lions, monkeys, and nagas.

On your first evening in Danang, head down to the Han River and check out the colorful iconic Dragon Bridge. The magnificent bridge is constructed in the shape of a golden dragon, it is the longest in the country measuring 2,188 feet long. The bridge lights up at night with color changing LED lights, and on Saturday and Sunday evenings the dragon blows water and spits fire from its mouth.

Head out to dinner at one of the many restaurants located along the river banks, where you can enjoy some delicious local cuisine while enjoying serene views of the river and the surroundings.

Day 2 in Danang

Start your second day with a strong hot coffee at one of the many coffee shops and cafes found on the city streets. You can enjoy a delicious local snack `banh xeo` a fried banana pancake and take in the busy streets before heading out to the iconic Marble Mountains.

The marvelous mountain has a historical and religious relevance in the country and is known as the `Five Elements Mountain` metal, water, wood, fire, and earth. The mountain is made of marble and limestone and pagodas can be found nestled in the mountainside. Some of the famous sights on this mountain include Buddhist temples, stone sculptures along with tunnels and caves. The mountain is a popular hiking spot in the city and if you find the `Am Phu` cave it will lead you to a magnificent viewpoint providing stunning panoramic views.

Make a stop at the famous Han Market, which has been operating since the 1940`s where you will find anything and everything packed into a 2 story building in the city. On the first floor, you can shop for fresh produce and delicious food for a picnic at the beach. The second story is filled with all kinds of home goods, crafts, and fabrics where you can pick up the perfect souvenir.

After some shopping head to the number one beach in the country, My Kye Beach was once listed by Forbes Magazine as the most luxurious beach in the world. The coastline of Danang stretches for over 20 miles with beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. My Kye is the perfect location for sunbathing, swimming and a popular spot for surfing. There are high-end resorts found on the shoreline as well as restaurants and shops.

If you are an avid surfer be sure to enjoy the excellent surfing conditions at My Khe Beach where the waters are a perfect 77 degrees year round. There are surfing rentals and lessons offered on the beach if you want to learn how to surf.

Alternatively, you can visit one of the luxurious spas in the city, many of them are located within the five-star resorts such as The Regency Danang Resort and Spa and the Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort and Queen Spa. Relax and rejuvenate yourself with a massage, facial or a body wrap which will leave you feeling refreshed.

If you are a golfer hit up the world-class links found at four main golf courses in the city. Golfers from all over the world come to Danang to play on the spectacular scenic courses, many offering stunning coastal views.

As evening time approaches, be sure to capture one of the serene sunsets on one of the many beaches of Danang. Sit back at a beachside bar or restaurant and enjoy drinks as the sun sets on the beautiful waters of the South China Sea. Dine on freshly caught seafood which is always on the menu at the restaurants in Danang.

Day 3 in Danang

Start your day with a trip to the massive area of Bach Ma National Park. This lush dense forested area covers 54 acres of land that stretches from the Annamite Mountains, all the way to the Lao border. The protected area of land is filled with rich plant life that is unique to the area which features a 1/5 of the entire country`s total flora. Here you can see 132 species of mammals and 358 species of birds that call the park home.

Make your way back via the Hai Van Pass, the famous route was once made famous by an episode of the TV show, Top Gear. The scenic route attracts thousands of bikers a year, who cruise along the 13 mile stretch of coastline that stands 1,640 feet above sea level. The route also features the Hai Van Tunnel which is the longest tunnel found in Southeast Asia. Find a restaurant or café along the route where you can enjoy some lunch with spectacular views and breathtaking scenery while enjoying some delicious local cuisine.

Spend the rest of the day exploring the archaeological site of the My Son Sanctuary. The ruins here date back over 1,000 years to the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty. There are over 20 statues, sculptures, and stupas found on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is surrounded by lush dense jungle. Soak in the captivating grounds drenched in Asian culture.

On your last evening in the city head to the enchanting Ba Nah Hill which sits 4,878 feet above sea level in the Truong Son Mountain ranges. Take the world’s longest and highest cable car ride to the top while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. At the top, you will be welcomed by a stunning French colonial style village that has been a popular summer retreat since the French colonial era. There are spectacular vibrant gardens, a vineyard and Fantasy Park, an amusement park filled with entertainment for all ages. Spend the evening enjoying this delightful village where you can play, shop and dine.

Additional Days in Danang

Should you be able to spend additional days in Danang be sure to visit the Linh Ung Pagoda which is situated on the Son Tra Mountain (also known as Monkey Mountain). The 18th-century pagoda offers magnificent views of the sea and is the site of the ornate 220-foot tall statue of the Goddess of Mercy.

The Son Tra Mountains boast almost 10,000 acres of land and contain many ancient attractions. The mountains are lined by the idyllic beaches like Tien Sa and Bai Bac Beach. Enjoy hiking through the mountains to many breathtaking lookout points.

Visit the Sun Wheel which is one of the biggest observation wheels in the world, located at Asia Park Amusement. The wheel stands 377 feet high and features 64 cabins that take passengers on a 15-minute revolution with views over the city.

Your Last Day in Danang

Depart from your hotel to the airport for your return flight home. We recommend that you purchase a private transfer to the airport if so the representative will meet you at your hotel with plenty of time to get you to the airport for your flight out.