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Tipping in the Virgin Islands is expected. In the USVI, tip as you would on the U.S. mainland. This guide attempts to cover most situations that you, as a tourist, will encounter. Hopefully using these `tips` will provide a smooth experience when interacting with locals in restaurants, bars, hotels, tour operators, and taxis.

What is the currency used in the US Virgin Islands?

The official currency in the USVI is the U.S. dollar. No other currency is in circulation and therefore would need to be converted.

Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars: When should I tip? How much is customary?

In restaurants, it is customary to leave at least 15 percent of the total bill, before any discounts or special reductions. Most servers at fast food or self-service restaurants do not require a tip, but when dining in a full service restaurant with a large group, remember that gratuities are almost never included (except for parties larger than 10).

Hotel Staff: Who should I tip?

When checking baggage, tip the hotel attendant at least one dollar per bag. You should also tip maids, and depending on the level of service, it is polite to offer a gratuity to your concierge. If your hotel provides valet parking, it is advisable to tip the valet as well.

Taxi Drivers: Should I tip?

An extra dollar or two for your taxi driver is fine, more if he/she handles bags or conducts a good island tour.

Tour Guides: Is a tip required?

Most tour guides would appreciate a tip of a few dollars, around 10-15% of the cost of the route. If you really enjoyed a particular tour, feel free to tip your guide whatever you think is appropriate for your gratitude.