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Using Your Tripmasters Travel Credit

How do I redeem my travel credit with Tripmasters?

Most of our clients enjoy the flexibility our online booking engine provides. Clients can explore hotels and activities in each city, look at interactive point-of-interest maps, find intercity transportation options, helpful information about the language, currency, customs, food, and more online. It is an extremely customizable process, and in that regard, we felt it was pertinent that clients be able to apply their credits on their own to maximize that flexibility!

Using your travel credit with Tripmasters is easy. You can do it directly within our booking process! No need to wait on the phone for an agent or trade emails back and forth. The option is at your fingertips.

1. Put your trip together at Tripmasters, and follow the prompts until you arrive at the payments screen.
2. Under Payment Options, choose the "PAY WITH TRAVEL CREDIT" button.
3. Enter your Original Booking Number and your Travel Credit Number.
4. Click "Verify Travel Credit." (See Illustrations below)

All the required information is found in the email communication we sent with these instructions.

*If you have more than one travel credit, enter them one at a time. After entering the first one, another window will pop up prompting you to enter additional travel credits.
*Any remaining balance can be paid using a credit card.

For additional information about destinations that are open and any travel requirements or restrictions, we recommend using this tool which maintains current information about Covid-19 testing requirements, necessary Visas, quarantine restrictions, and more. We use it when helping clients, and we know you will find it as useful and informative as we do.

**As always, it is also a good idea to use official government websites and tourism boards to verify the information from the above website.