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April - May

Springtime in Israel offers pleasantly warm weather with lots of sunshine and average temperatures in the 70`s during the day with low`s in the 40`s a night. The country is filled with bright green hills and parks and decorated with blooming vibrant flowers from the winter rains. Wildflower displays are particularly popular in the regions of Golan and Galilee this time of year. And millions of migrating birds can be seen in the Hula Valley during the spring. Prices for travel and accommodations are relatively low this time of year before the heat the summer season kicks in.

Springtime brings the perfect weather for hiking and biking in the country. Keep in mind April is the month of Passover and Easter which are widely celebrated in the Holy Land, with an increase in crowds during these times and a jump in travel prices and hotel accommodations.

Events and Festivals

- Passover - (Mid April) Public holiday in the holy land when families take vacations with large events held around the country.