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June - September

These months are considered to be Australia`s winter time, however, the northern regions still experience warm sunny days and mild temperatures which are perfect for exploring the beautiful outdoors. The southern temperatures tend to be more temperate during the winter and can be wet in some areas, the temperatures are still comfortable, making outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the rural regions, Uluru and Flinders Ranges perfect, at this time of year. Visiting the Great Barrier Reef in the winter provides perfect conditions for snorkeling with a gentle current. Diving visibility in the Coral Sea is best from June through September. Sydney`s winter weather consists of average temperatures between the mid 60`s to low 40`s, also the low season with plenty of accommodations and low travel costs.

Events and Festivals

-Brisbane Festival – (September) – A festival in the city that takes place over a 3 week period with live music, theatre, and entertainment.

-Melbourne International Film Festival – (late July and August) – large film festival with other entertainment.