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Geothermal Phenomena: Point of Interest Map
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Geothermal Phenomena Vacation Packages

The magical Geothermal Phenomena is the result of many volcanoes in the central North Island of New Zealand. This unique geothermal environment offers many places where the natural forces brewing beneath the earth spout forth in spectacular ways. Gas and smoke, craters, sulphur steam, natural hot pools, these are all things you`ll witness as you explore the exciting geothermal environment.

Best Vacation Packages:

Major Cities

Areas of New Zealand

  • Glaciers of New Zealand

    New Zealand is well-known for its dramatic landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Of the many natural wonders that visitors must see when exploring the mountainous country, its glaciers stand out as some of the most impressive.

  • North Island

    With thermal hot springs, white sand beaches, inspiring coastlines, rolling green fields, and a magical geothermal activity, New Zealand`s North Island is nothing short of spectacular.

  • South Island

    With picturesque fjords, snowcapped mountains, turquoise lakes, temperate rainforests and black sand beaches, the South Island of New Zealand is a nature-lover`s paradise.


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