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Korean Cuisine: Point of Interest Map
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Korean Cuisine Vacation Packages

Korean cuisine has become popular in the West over the past couple of generations, and with that popularity comes widespread recognition of such staples as bulgogi (beef grilled by the diner at their own table), kimbap (similar to sushi), kimchi (fermented cabbage), and gochujang (red chili paste). Rice, beans, bean pastes, and cabbage are all common components of a Korean meal, as are meats and seafood (the latter is particularly utilized in the southern part of the peninsula). Learn more about Korea through its national dishes by clicking here.

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Korean Foodie Cities and Regions

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Map of Korean Food Cities

Korean Cuisine


Cities in South Korea

  • Seoul  
  • Busan - Gimhae  
  • Jeju Island  
  • Other Cities  

South Korea and Beyond