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The Full Tour of Istria (Self Drive - Trieste - Slovenian Riviera - Porec - Rovinj - Pula)

10 to 15+ Nights from $4,365*
* This sample price: priced within the past 7 days for arrival on 5/9/2024, departure from Minneapolis-Saint Paul MSP (MN), US. Choose your own departure city and dates.

This 10 night sample itinerary includes:

  • Flight into Trieste and out of Pula
  • Rental Car for 11 days
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Trieste
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Slovenian Riviera
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Porec
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Rovinj
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Pula
  • Driving Time
    Trieste - Slovenian Riviera: 35 mins. approx.
    Slovenian Riviera - Porec: 55 mins. approx.
    Porec - Rovinj: 1 hr. 45 mins. approx.
    Rovinj - Pula: 45 mins. approx.

Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and North Istria Coast. You will pick up your car at the airport in Italy Trieste, situated towards the end of a narrow strip of Italian territory lying between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. Then you will drive to the Slovenian Riviera, which consists of 29 miles of gorgeous coastline on the Gulf of Trieste. Then Croatia, cities such as Porec, Rovinj and Pula. Enjoy some fun in the sun and sample lots of delicious food and wine from this region. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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1 Trieste
2 Slovenian Riviera
3 Porec
4 Rovinj
5 Pula

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Trip Summary

  • Trieste

    Trieste, Italy is a city at the crossroads. This important port town has passed through the hands of the Romans, the Venetians, the powerful Hapsburg monarchy (who poured money into it), and the Germans during WWII. In fact, it was only returned to Italy in 1954. Between land and sea, war and peace, it has developed a unique and vibrant culture that sits somewhere between Austrian, Italian, and Slovenian.

    Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights
    Must See`s:
    Castello Miramare, La Risiera di San Sabba, Piazza Unità d`Italia, Trieste Cathedral, Il Ghetto and The Synagogue of Trieste, Joyce and Svevo Museum, Canal Grande, La Grotta Gigante and so much more!

  • Slovenian Riviera

    The Slovenian Riviera (Slovenska obala) is a popular seaside tourist destination, and has been since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when it was then referred to as the `Austrian Riviera`. It consists of a mere 29 miles of coastline on the Gulf of Trieste, sandwiched between Italy and Croatia. The towns on the Slovenian Riviera, such as Koper, Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Izola, and Ankaran, all have considerable Italian influence, as the area was ruled by Italy for three decades in the 20th century. Perhaps the most popular beach in the country is Portorož Beach, one of the few sandy ones along the coast. Whether you`re looking for sun and sand, sightseeing, or yachting, the towns of the Slovenian Riviera have everything you`re looking for, and many points of interest you never realized you needed to see.

    Recommended Stay: At least 3 nights
    Must See`s:
    Koper, Piran, Portorož, Strunjan, Izola, Ankaran, Portorož Beach, Dragonja River, Praetorian Palace, Tartini Square, Strunjan Nature Reserve, and so much more!

  • Porec

    Porec, on the northern Istrian coast, is one of the most popular seaside resort towns in Croatia. It is situated on a small peninsula with the marina and the island of Sveti Nikola located to the west of town. The city is over 2,000 years old, and many remnants of the Roman castrum of Parentium are still available for tourists to see today, including two fully-preserved Roman streets, Decumanus Street and Cardo Maximus Street. Venetian influence is noteworthy, particularly in the Old Town, as a result of the Republic of Venice`s five-century rule of the city then called Parenzo. Porec`s most noteworthy sight is the Euphrasian Basilica, built in the Byzantine architectural style in the sixth century, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The touristy, beachside areas of town are located in distinct zones away from the Old Town, with the most popular of those zones being Plava Laguna, Zelena Laguna, Bijela Uvala, and Brulo.

    Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights
    Must See`s:
    Decumanus Street, Cardo Maximus Street, Plava Laguna, Euphrasian Basilica, Marafor Square, Temple of Neptune, Sveti Nikola Island, Round Tower, Northern Tower, Pentagonal Tower, and so much more!

  • Rovinj

    Rovinj is one of the most picturesque Adriatic towns, a treasury of cultural and historical monuments. The Old Town is built on a headland which juts out into the sea, and at the top of the headland you can find the beautiful Baroque parish Church of St. Euphemia. While the Croats and the Italians (the latter of whom call this town Rovigno) are the dominant ethnic and linguistic groups who live in the area today, the area has been home to many groups of people dating all the way back to the Bronze Age. Rovinj also serves as a hub for those wishing to experience the scenic wonders of the 19 islands of the Rovinj archipelago, which sit just offshore, surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters.

    Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights
    Must See`s:
    Church of St. Euphemia, Rovinj Archipelago, Sveti Andrija Island, Lim Channel, Cuvi Beach, Grisia Street, Batana Eco-Museum, Koversada Naturist Camp, Lone Bay, Rovinj City Museum, Renaissance Bell and Clock Tower, and so much more!

  • Pula

    Pula is one of the oldest cities in Istria, having been settled since the Bronze Age over 3,000 years ago. The Romans, capitalizing on Pula`s location on a safe harbor, quickly built the settlement into a cultural center called Pietas Julia. A number of beautifully-preserved Roman buildings survive and stand today. The best-preserved Roman monument in Croatia, the Pula Arena, is located here. Other noteworthy sights include the Temple of Augustus, the Gate of Hercules, and the Arch of the Sergii. Other sights include the Austrian-era Fort Bourguignon, the hill settlement of Nesactium, and Aquarium Pula, the largest aquarium in Croatia.

    Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights
    Must See`s:
    Pula Arena, Arch of the Sergii, Temple of Augustus, Gate of Hercules, Hill Settlement of Nesactium, Aquarium Pula, Fort Bourguignon, Verudela Beach, Brijuni National Park, Pula Cathedral, Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria, and so much more!