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Cyprus Wine Regions: Point of Interest Map
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Cyprus Wine Regions Vacation Packages

Cyprus may not be well known internationally when it comes to wine, but don’t let that fool you. The people of Cyprus have been making wine for nearly 4,000 years and legend has it that they were taught by none other than Dinoysus, the God of wine himself. Given that winemaking goes back for centuries here and rumors that Cypriots were among the first winemakers in the world, it can easily be said that they are pretty good at their craft. As of recent years, wines of Cyprus have been gaining increasing recognition from connoisseurs worldwide. See what all the buzz is about and discover the local palate through the 7 wine routes from the sun-kissed Troodos mountain range, through the rural areas of Larnaka and Lefkosia to the coastal Limassol and Paphos. You can learn more about Cyprus' noteworthy wine cities by clicking here here.

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Cyprus Wine Regions


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