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French Delights

14 to 21+ Nights from $1,669*
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* This sample price: priced within the past 7 days for arrival on 2/27/2024, departure from New York City (All Airports) (NY), US. Choose your own departure city and dates.

This 14 night sample itinerary includes:

  • Flight into Paris and out of Nice
  • Hotel for 2 night in Paris
  • Car rental for 13 days
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Rouen
  • Hotel for 1 night in Bayeux
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Mont St Michel
  • Hotel for 2 night in Blois
  • Hotel for 1 night in Clermont Ferrand
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Avignon
  • Hotel for 2 nights in Nice
  • Driving Time
    Paris - Rouen: 1 hour 45 mins. approx.
    Rouen- Bayeux: 1 hr 57 min approx.
    Bayeux- Mont St Michel: 1 hr 34 mins. approx.
    Mont St Michel- Blois: 3 hrs 42 min approx.
    Blois - Clermont Ferrand: 3 hrs 10 mins. Approx.
    Clermont Ferrand- Avignon: 4 hrs. 4 min approx.
    Avignon- Nice: 2 hrs 39 mins. approx

A glamorous combination of cities throughout France, complete with a rental car. Visit romantic Paris, Rouen, Bayeux, Mont St Michel, Blois, Avignon and Nice. These areas are not necessarily among the `tourist` route and will provide a glimpse into the beautiful French way of life, with an authentic feeling. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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empty stars
5.0 out of 5 stars
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Mont Saint Michel
Clermont Ferrand
Nice (French Riviera)

Change cabin, booking without flight, returning to a different city/airport, Reorder city, or design your own Itinerary

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Trip Summary

  • Paris

    Paris is regarded as one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, and for good reason: the city assaults the senses; demanding to be seen, heard, touched, tasted, and smelled. Gaze at impressive monuments and savor its gourmet cheeses, chocolates, wines, and seafood. Paris is relatively small as capitals go, with many of its major sights and museums within walking distance of each other. A world of discovery awaits in every hidden corner and at all the famous sites, there is so much to explore. Visit the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, Jardin des Tuileries, Latin Quarter, Avenue des Champs Elysees, Musee d'Orsay, Place de la Concorde, Arc de Triomphe and so much more!

  • Rouen

    The capital of Normandy, Rouen is one of the country's most ancient cities, with 2,000 years of history, laid out by the Duke of Normandy in 911. The city on the Seine is rich in historic associations: William the Conqueror died here in 1087, and Joan of Arc was burned at the stake on place du Vieux-Marché in 1431. Nowadays, Rouen is a bustling, vibrant place, bursting with activity generated by the industries connected to the port and the students at nearby universities and art schools. Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights Must See`s: Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Aître Saint-Maclou, Palais de Justice and Monument Juif, Tour du Gros-Horloge (Big Clock Tower), Eglise Saint-Maclou, and so much more!

  • Bayeux

    Bayeux, the capital of the Bessin region is a charming French town famous all over the world for the Bayeux Tapestry, a XIth century linen hanging, embroided with various colored wools. The town center boast winding cobblestone streets and a lovely main street with cafes, wine shops, boutiques and patisseries. There are so many wonderful things to do in Bayeux, and it's a city of significant historical importance. Recommended Stay: At least 2 nights Must See`s: Bayeux Cathedral, Baron Gérard Museum, Old Town, Bayeux Market, War Cemetery, Memorial Museum of the Battle of Normandy, and so much more!

  • Mont Saint Michel

    Mont Saint Michel is a small rocky island in Normandy, on the north coast of France, near the border of Brittany and Normandy. Massive walls measuring more than half a mile in circumference surround this great tourist attraction, a Gothic-style Benedictine abbey, perched on a rocky, cone-shaped islet in the midst of immense sandbanks. The church is dedicated to the archangel St Michael. Mont Saint-Michel is connected with the shore by a causeway. Recommended Stay: At least 1 night Must See`s: Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel, Ramparts, Grand Rue, La Mère Poulard (Restaurant), Mont Saint-Michel Pilgrimages, Musée Historique (History Museum), Musée de la Mer et de l'Écologie (Museum of the Sea and Ecology), and so much more!

  • Blois

    Towering above the northern bank of the Loire, Blois’ royal château, one-time feudal seat of the powerful counts of Blois, offers a great introduction to some key periods in French history and architecture. The city makes an excellent base for visits to the châteaux, villages and towns of the central Loire Valley. Recommended Stay: At least 3 nights Must See`s: Château de Blois, Beaux-Arts Museum, Fondation du Doute: Museum of Contemporary Art, Maison de la Magie (House of Magic), Rocher de la Vierge, Historical Museum, Tour Beauvoir, Loire River Trips, Chateux, of the Loire Valley, Gardens, and so much more!

  • Clermont Ferrand

    Clermont-Ferrand is the natural capital of "Massif Central", one of France's most attractive regions. The city is famous for the chain of volcanoes surrounding it. The Puy-de-Dôme (4,720 ft. above sea level) is the highest of these and was a site used for worship since prehistoric times by the Gauls and the Romans. Clermont-Ferrand's most famous public square is place de Jaude, on which stands a grand statue of Vercingetorix, made by Bartholdi who also created the Statue of Liberty.

  • Avignon

    The fortified city of Avignon is located in the lush vineyards of the Rhone Valley, rich in history, artistic brilliance, and Provencal life. From churches and chapels to film festivals and street musicians, Avignon was named the European Capital of Culture in 2000, and the city has been one of France`s major artistic centers for centuries. Whether you`re exploring the scenic waterways of Provence, Avignon`s mixed culture, gastronomy, world-class wine, or the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will be sure to create a memorable travel experience in the city of Avignon. Recommended Stay: At least 3 nights Must See`s: Palais de Popes (Pace of Popes), Pont St-Benezet, Musee du Petit Palais, Place du Palais, Musee Calvet, Basilique St-Pierre, Eglise de St-Agricol, Porte du Rhone and so much more!

  • Nice (French Riviera)

    Nice is the capital of the Riviera, yet far less glamorous and expensive than Cannes. It's also one of the most ancient, having been founded by the Greeks, who called it "Nike" or Victory. Because of its brilliant sunshine and relaxed living, it has attracted in the past famous artists and writers. The best trip center on the Riviera, you can choose to explore region or hang out in its famous cafes. But the most obvious hangout spot here is the beach. The Nice beach is rocks, just rocks so wear a pair of good sandals. Explore the Promenade des Anglais, Musee Matissee, Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Cours Saleya, Castle Hill, Old Town, Place Massena and so much more!