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Iconic Portuguese Road Trips: Point of Interest Map
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Iconic Portuguese Road Trips Vacation Packages

A car is essential if you want to see everything Portugal has to offer. Driving in Portugal is an unforgettable experience, from the major highways connecting large cities to the small, two-lane roads that traverse the countryside. Many of the vacation packages we offer in Portugal are self-drive options, meaning you will pick up your rental car at an agreed-upon place, usually the airport or the city center in the city of your arrival, and then drive yourself to the accommodation options selected for the additional cities and towns in your package. Enjoy your trip and have fun experiencing scenic Portugal!

Best Vacation Packages:

Locales Perfect for an Iconic Road Trip

  • The Alentejo

    Wide plains extend across south-central Portugal; stretching from the mighty Tejo (Tagus) River towards the Algarve and even as far east as the Spanish border. As you drive along, you will see cork oaks, olive trees, and vineyards as well as castles, convents, and battlefields.

  • The Algarve

    The Algarve is more than just road trips from beach town to beach town, as much as that is very popular! Sunny piazzas, churches, historical sites and orange groves mark the land. The scents, the sounds, the foods are the real takeaways here, and all are reachable by car.

  • Douro Valley

    The Douro Valley is best-known for its fortified wines. The Douro wine plantations, called `quintas`, and their sprawling terraced vineyards were entered into the UNESCO World Heritage `Cultural Landscapes` register in 2001. The Douro Valley is sleepy and quiet, yet also an exciting self-drive.

More to Explore

  • Madeira Island

    Madeira makes for a wonderful year-round holiday destination with its stunning natural scenery, welcoming and hospitable natives, a glorious climate, excellent tourist facilities and tremendous value for money.

  • The Azores

    The warmth, beauty and old-world charm of the Azores will envelop you as soon as you step off the plane. With Renaissance-era avenues, lush vegetation, and a proclivity for eco-consciousness, any stay here will leave you breathless.

  • The Mediterranean

    Not only does the Mediterranean have beautiful resorts and beaches on the mainland, there are literally thousands of islands to explore, each with their own beauty, over 2,500 miles from Spain east to Turkey.

Experiences and Adventures

  • City and Beach Holidays in Portugal

    Tourists flock to Portugal for many reasons, from its rich history to its incredible food, but its beautiful beaches often steal the show. The coastline stretches from the dreamy Algarve in the South to the popular Costa Verde wine region in the north, and we can`t forget Madeira Island and the Azores!

  • Historic Towns of Portugal

    Portugal has a long, storied, and proud history - but sometimes beautiful and paramount cities like Fatima or Castelo Branco get lost in the buzz of the bigger metropolitan areas. These charming towns are every bit as important and vital as their more popular siblings, so take a chance on these often overlooked destinations.

  • Portuguese Wine Regions

    Portugal is well regarded worldwide for its wines! From the warm beaches of the Costa Verde inland to the Douro River Valley and historic Beira Alta, down through Lisbon and across the sea to Madeira Island - there is enough activity, history, and wine to keep all travelers delighted.


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Cities in Portugal

  • Lisbon  
  • Porto  
  • Coimbra  
  • more cities

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