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Jutulhogget Canyon Vacation Packages

Jutulhogget Canyon, 2.5 km long, 150- 300 meters wide and up to 240 meters deep, is an impressive and striking landscape feature. It is the result of a dramatic event during the final demise of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet at the end of the last Ice Age. As the ice sheet retreated across the main drainage divide, meltwater was dammed between local spillways and the receding ice margin. When the glacier dam broke a catastrophic outburst flood (jokulhlaup) funneled southward beneath the remnant ice sheet. As the ice-dam collapse occurred in Rendalen, a large amount of water had to drain eastward from Osterdalen, leading to vast erosion and formation of the huge Jutulhogget canyon over a short period of time.

Visit Jutulhogget Canyon with a private transfer from Roros to Oslo.

Jutulhogget Canyon