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Sheltered in the picturesque landscapes of central Norway, Roros beckons you to explore its UNESCO World Heritage-listed charm. With a backdrop of captivating wooden architecture and a rich mining heritage, Røros invites you on a journey through time and tradition. Wander through its cobbled streets, adorned with historic buildings and a rustic allure. Immerse yourself in the town's legacy at the Roros Museum, where the mining history comes to life through captivating exhibits. Ascend Sleggveien for breathtaking vistas and delve into the heart of Roros Mining Town, where the timeless allure of its well-preserved structures awaits. Experience the historic Olavsgruva Mine, venturing into its depths to uncover tales of mining adventures. Røros promises an immersive cultural escapade amidst its architectural marvels and intriguing past.



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