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Nizwa, located on a plain surrounded by a thick palm oasis, is isolated by the Hajar Mountains from the coast and the outside influences brought to the coastal cities through trade and conques and with its giant fort and high-walled souq. The city is known for Nizwa Fort, a castle with a huge cylindrical tower, built in the 17th century to defend it's position on a major trade route. Nizwa, also referred to as the ‘Pearl of Islam’, is still a conservative town and appreciates a bit of decorum from its visitors. Since the 1970s, it's become a more modern city welcoming tourists, while maintaining strong traditional architecture and manner.

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United Arab Emirates and Oman

8 nights from $3,232*

A Middle East journey along the luxury, history, culture and natural landscapes in the United Arab Emirates and Oman!. Discover in the Emirates; Abu Dhabi (capital city of the UAE and the richest city in the world, known worldwide for holding Formula 1 races and mosques) and the fascinating Dubai (blending western influence and eastern tradition: man-made islands, the world`s tallest habitable tower, the world`s largest mall, a rotating tower and much more). Continue in Oman, with visits to Nizwa (this ancient city it's known for its 17th. century Nizwa Fort and The Nizwa Souk Market with handicrafts stalls and silversmiths working in small shops) and Oman`s capital city; Muscat (famous for the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, its traditional souk and the extraordinary corniche). Along the way, you will stop for a visit to explore these Arabic attractions: Al Noor Mosque, Al Ain (the island oasis) and Birkat Al Mouz (one of the most famous villages in ruins in the Sultanate). This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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