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Trelleborg Viking Fortress Vacation Packages

Trelleborgen designates a certain type of castle from the Viking Age. It involves circular fortifications, which were surrounded by a high, palisade rampart and an external moat. The local castle was built around 980 on behalf of Sven Forkbeard, King of Denmark and Skane. Because the raids of the Wends increased around the year 1000, the castle was abandoned and left to decay. After the subjugation of the Wends the area was repopulated again in the 13th century and the city of Trelleborg was founded. It is believed that at this time the ruins of the old Viking fortress were still present and the naming of the city referred to the Trelleborgen.

Visit Trelleborg Viking Fortress with a private transfer between Odense and Malmo.

Trelleborg Viking Fortress