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Unesco World Heritage Sites Of Tunisia: Point of Interest Map
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Unesco World Heritage Sites Of Tunisia Vacation Packages

Tunisia is a small country that’s jam-packed with unique history, cultural sites, and natural beauty. The country is home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites, seven of which fall into the category of cultural attractions and one, natural. Discover the ancient colosseum at El Jem, the ruins in Carthage and Dougga, and the Medinas of Tunis and Sousse. Many of these sites are incredibly well preserved and offer a glimpse of what daily life might have been like hundreds or even thousands of years ago in North Africa. You can learn more about Tunisia's most impressive UNESCO Sites by clicking here.

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Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Tunisia

See Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Tunisia

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UNESCO World Sites

Unesco World Heritage Sites Of Tunisia


Cities in Tunisia

  • Tunis  
  • Sfax  
  • Sousse  
  • Hammamet  
  • Monastir  
  • Other Cities  
  • Carthage  
  • more cities

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