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Quebec: Point of Interest Map
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The beautiful province of Quebec is the second most populous Canadian province making up about one-sixth of the country. The province covers diverse landscapes - from historic cities to isolated Arctic tundra. It is known primarily for its French-speaking population, culture, and heritage. The St. Lawrence River, almost 750-miles long, is where most residents live between Montreal and Quebec city, the two main cities of the Province. Historic sites, cultural institutions, festivals, charming towns, and beautiful parks and natural areas are just some of the many highlights you’ll discover in Quebec.

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Experience and Adventure

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Canada

    Canada is a fascinating country full of natural wonders and unique history. Out of the 167 countries with UNESCO World Heritage List designations. These sites, ranging from the depths of wilderness to bustling cosmopolitan centers, highlight the history of Canada’s inhabitants going back as far as 6,000 years ago.

  • Nature and Adventure in Canada

    Canada is covered with beautiful forests dotted with pristine lakes, endless prairies, and the rugged Arctic where animals outnumber humans. Kayak with killer whales, uncover the past in Alberta’s Badlands, drive the icefields parkway between Banff and Jasper, rock or ice climb in the Rocky Mountains, watch the northern lights in Yellowknife, walk around the tallest building in North America in Toronto, search for icebergs and whales in Newfoundland - the list goes on and on!

  • Charming French Cities of Canada

    The bilingual cities of Canada are the perfect mix between a charming western European and a modern North American city. Between great food, beautiful views, and hundreds of festivals year-round, these charming French cities will make you feel like you just landed on a completely different continent without crossing the Atlantic ocean. The French have lent these cities a sense of cool, laid-back chic. They are cultural hubs with more than just a few international flavors to discover!


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Map of Quebec



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