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Berat Vacation Packages

Berat is a settlement that we can trace back to the 6th-5th century B.C. as an Illyrian settlement. It was originally a castle city known as Antipatrea that expanded afterwards and uniquely today, residents still live inside of the castle walls. As a matter of fact, with its houses built along the steep hill, the view of Mangalemi is the reason that another name for Berat is the City of the Floating Windows. Moreover, the arched bridge of Gorica, the ensemble of the Byzantine churches and the Cathedral of Shen Meria are some of the most visited sites. Undoubtedly, most visitors also can visit the beautiful Monastery of Shen Spiridhoni, the great monuments to the Islamic faith, and the Halveti Tekke or Tariqa in the medieval center.

Best Berat Vacation Packages:

The Best of Albania (Tirana - Shkoder - Durres - Sarande - Gjirokaster - Berat)

12 nights from $2,300*

Albania is a hidden gem among the Balkan countries , sometimes overlooked in favor of Greece or Croatia, but it is no less beautiful or charming. Visit popular cities throughout the country, including several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and discover the culture, food, history, glorious beaches, and friendly nature of its citizens!. We promise you will want to return time and again!. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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Cities in Albania

  • Tirana  
  • Durres  
  • Sarande  
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