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Eilat Vacation Packages

Known as Israel`s top resort town, Eilat is one of the country`s most remarkable cities, offering a plethora of non-stop activities both in and out, from world-class scuba diving and exceptional hiking trails to laid-back beaches and outstanding nightlife scene. Owing to its nearly year-round sunny weather, Eilat is definitely the ideal choice for every type of traveler.

Best Eilat Vacation Packages:

Tel Aviv - Ein Bokek - Eilat - Jerusalem

8 nights from $3,457*

Explore Israel a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, known as the Holy Land, being holy for all Abrahamic religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha`i Faith. Visit Tel Aviv (enjoy the arts, theater ,music, nightlife, architecture and gastronomic delights of this marvelous city) then take a transfer to Ein Bokek (hotel and resort district on the Israeli shore of the Dead Sea, near Neve Zohar), via Masada. After that go to Eilat (known as a buzzing resort city and one of the hottest destinations for European sun-seekers, offering the best combination of beaches, cuisine and nightlife for miles around) with a stop in Timna Park. Last but not least, go to Jerusalem (where every stone tells a story of a town that has drawn millions of faithful pilgrims for thousands of years) with a stop in Yahud. This is a flexible package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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Other Eilat Vacation Packages:

Map of Eilat


Hotels and Activities


  • Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Eilat - Wadi Rum - Aqaba
    9 nights from $3,230*
  • Visit Israel and Jordan with ground transportation between cities.
    • Flight into Tel Aviv and out of Aqaba
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Tel Aviv
    • Transfer from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Jerusalem
    • Transfer from Jerusalem to Eilat
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Eilat
    • Transfer from Eilat to Wadi Rum
    • Hotel for 1 night in Wadi Rum
    • Transfer Wadi Rum to Aqaba
    • Ramadan is a month of spirituality and purification during which participants abstain from eating, drinking, and smoking. Ramadan is typically celebrated in late winter or early spring.
      Please verify dates before booking travel because food and entertainment services in hotels and other public places may be affected.

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