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Irish Unesco World Heritage Sites: Point of Interest Map
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Irish Unesco World Heritage Sites Vacation Packages

The island of Ireland is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with two located in the Republic of Ireland and one in Northern Ireland. The sites include the rocky island outpost of Skellig Michael, the Neolithic monuments in the Boyne Valley of County Meath, and the beautiful basalt columns situated on the Causeway Coast of Northern Ireland. UNESCO helps the national government and local governments in preserving these historically and culturally significant sites. You can learn more about Ireland's most impressive UNESCO Sites by clicking here.

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Irish UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Regions of Ireland

  • Western Ireland

    There is so much to see and do in Western Ireland, comprised of Counties Clare, Galway and Mayo. You will find a winning combination of rugged sea cliffs and sheltered sandy beaches, a myriad of ancient castles, medieval friaries, pre-historic burial sites and traditional Irish music!

  • South West Ireland

    Southwest Ireland stretches from the Ring of Kerry in the south, the Dingle Peninsula in the west, through Killarney and north to Adare, and Limerick City, offering sea and mountain scenery, interspersed with lively small towns and villages plus medieval castles and archaeological sites going back 5,000 years.

  • South East Ireland

    South East Ireland is comprised of Counties Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow, and Wexford. This region has been settled by Vikings and Normans in the past, and is well-known for its beautiful, sunny weather amidst a backdrop of mountains rolling into lush Nore and Suir river valleys.

  • County Donegal

    County Donegal offers some of the most spectacular scenery and stark beauty in Ireland. It offers tortuous country roads skirt stark mountains, rugged sea cliffs, craggy peninsulas, remote Gaeltacht communities, sheep-studded pastures, pristine strands, icy streams and horizons carpeted with bog and heather.

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More to Explore

  • English UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    England is home to 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ranging from ancient stone circles to remnants of the country`s excellence during the Industrial Revolution to telescopes observing the farthest reaches of outer space. The UNESCO sites located in England are snapshots of centuries of history up to the present.

  • Scottish UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Scotland is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Two are located off the mainland: the Neolithic monuments of the Orkney Islands and historic St. Kilda in the Outer Hebrides. Three are located in the Lothians and Lowlands: Edinburgh`s Old and New Towns, the Forth Bridge, and the village of New Lanark.

  • Welsh UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Wales boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Town Walls and Castles of King Edward in Gwynedd, such as Caernarfon and Conwy; the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, bringing boats over the Vale of Llangollen; and the Blaenavon Ironworks, a major source of iron and coal during the Industrial Revolution.

Experiences & Adventures

  • Natural Ireland

    Ireland is world-renowned for offering the traveler some of the most beautiful landscapes and scenery in the world, from emerald-green grasses to cliffs, mountain peaks, labyrinthine caves, and pristine beaches. Experience the numerous sights of natural Ireland and savor the feelings they evoke.

  • Heritage Towns

    The Heritage Towns of Ireland are towns and villages that offer unique character provided by a combination of architectural styles, often spanning many centuries, which gives them a special feeling for the past.

  • Irish Castles

    Ireland`s countryside is dotted with castles (at one time over 30,000 of them!) that range from romantic castles and towers that are in ruins to stately chieftain castles and Irish castle hotels. They are all filled with character and history.


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Map of Irish UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Irish Unesco World Heritage Sites


Cities in Ireland

  • Dublin  
  • Killarney  
  • Galway  
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