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Best of Central America: Point of Interest Map
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Best of Central America Vacation Packages

The spectacular Central America region spans over 7 countries brimming with stunning natural and cultural attractions that never end. A fantastic array of countries to explore including Costa Rica with its soaring Arenal Volcano and breathtaking beaches, Belize and its vibrant barrier reef, the second largest in the world teeming with marine life, Nicaragua home to the verdant tropical rainforest and captivating scenery, Guatemala`s ancient Mayan ruins take you back in time and historic Honduras filled with stunning natural landscapes and some of the best diving in the world. There is no end to the adventures that this region offers including jungle trekking, hiking volcanoes, diving and snorkeling, zip-lining, exploring rainforests and waterfalls and so much more.


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Experience the beauty of Belize!. Start in San Ignacio (well known for its close proximity to Belize's famous Mayan ruins, as well as a hub for outdoor activities including caving, hiking, kayaking and others). After that, a transfer will take you to Placencia (a gorgeous emerald peninsula in southern Belize with 16 miles of sandy beaches. It is a popular destination for travelers seeking a laid back jungle, beautiful beaches world-class restaurants and easy access to the southern cayes; and after that, catch a domestic flight to Belize`s top destination; Ambergris Caye (the largest of all of Belize`s hundreds of islands. It is famous for the turquoise seascapes surrounding the island, white beaches, world-class paradise for scuba diving and snorkeling, and friendly residents). Lastly, return to Belize City to catch your flight back home. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.


  • Flight into and out of Belize City
  • Transfer from Belize City Airport to Hotel en San Ignacio
  • Hotel for 2 nights in San Ignacio
  • Transfer from Hotel in San Ignacio to Hotel in Placencia
  • Hotel for 3 nights in Placencia
  • Flight Transfer from Placencia to Domestic Airport in Belize City, followed by a flight to San Pedro Airport - Ambergris Caye
  • Hotel for 3 nights in Ambergris Caye
  • Flight from San Pedro Airport - Ambergris to Airport in Belize City
  • PLEASE NOTE: From March 26th to April 6th there is a Minimum Stay of 4 nights at Turtle Inn in Placencia.
  • Attention Christmas / New Year Travelers: Select minimum 4 Nights stay in Placencia, Ambergris and in San Ignacio.

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Explore Central America

  • Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is known for its stunning array of natural landscapes, unique microclimates, and biodiversity, with beautiful beaches, dense cloud forests, blazing volcanoes, wildlife, and national parks.

  • Belize

    Belize is a fascinating country filled with verdant rainforests which are home to jaguars, wild cats, and ocelots, ancient archeological sites, a lively culture, and the famous diving site of The Blue Hole.

  • Panama

    Panama is a country with an exquisite tropical climate, sweeping rain forests, exotic wildlife, excellent diving and snorkeling, rugged mountain cloud forests, and vibrant indigenous populations.

  • Guatemala

    Guatemala is a hidden gem in Central America known for volcanic landscapes, magnificent Mayan ruins, and the vibrant spectacular cobblestone colonial city of Antigua.

  • Honduras

    The dazzling country of Honduras is fringed by white sandy beaches and home to the second-largest barrier reef in the entire world. Blanketed by a lush dense jungle interior and verdant mountains.

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More to Explore

  • Iguassu Falls

    Iguassu Falls is recognized by many as the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, the Iguassu Falls, which straddles the border between Brazil and Argentina, is a spectacular natural wonder.

  • Wine Region of Argentina

    The sprawling verdant vineyards of Argentina cover over 220,000 hectares and are spread throughout several different regions including Mendoza, Calafate, Salta, Patagonia, Cordoba, and Neuquén.

  • Torres del Paine

    Torres del Paine National Park is the most important natural reserve in Chilean Patagonia. Its nearly 500,000 acres encompass some of the world`s most breathtaking and recognizable natural images.

  • The Peruvian Amazon

    The Peruvian Amazon is a verdant tropical region covering almost two-thirds of the country, it is the fourth largest rainforest in the world with remarkable biodiversity.

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  • Panama City Getaway
    4 nights from $810*
  • Fullest Panama!. Enjoy Panama City (most attractive Capital City and a curious blend of old Spain, modern America and the bazaar atmosphere of the East. The city is a regional hub for trading. It is best known for The Panama Canal and its charming Casco Viejo. This lively Latin American city also borders one of Central America's richest rain forest). This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
    • Flight into and out of Panama City
    • Hotel for 4 nights in Panama City

  • Guatemala City Getaway
    4 nights from $787*
  • Visit Guatemala`s capital city!. Spend a wonderful stay in Guatemala City (best largest city in Central America; and the political, cultural, and economic center of the country. It is known for its volcanic landscape, fascinating Mayan culture and the colorful colonial buildings). Pay a visit to the Historic Center, where you will find the Central Market, the National Palace, and colonial churches dating from the 17th century. Here, you can enjoy the blend of modern sleek glass skyscrapers and colonial architecture. This is a flexible package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
    • Flight into and out of Guatemala City
    • Hotel for 4 nights in Guatemala City

Experiences and Adventures

  • Honeymoon in Belize

    If you are looking for that special, romantic yet active honeymoon or anniversary trip, Belize offers the perfect atmosphere of romance and seclusion.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site of Central America

    Central America is filled with diversity, beauty, and a wealth of history. It is made up of the countries of Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.

  • Nature and Adventure in Belize

    Belize is perfect for outdoors lovers of all things nature and adventure, offering amazing sightseeing options at its famous nature lodges, and elegant boutique hotels.