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Surabaya: Point of Interest Map
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Surabaya Vacation Packages

Surabaya is the capital of the Indonesian Jawa Timur province (East Java). The city has become one of the major trading port cities in Asia, its Tanjung Perak harbor is the second busiest port in Indonesia. That is why Surabaya tourism is still one of the top in Indonesia after Jakarta being an important international hub as well. As a matter o fact, it is a business capital and is usually not tourist’s first choice when it comes to holidaying in Indonesia. However, similar to Jakarta, Surabaya has its charms, and you will love more of its nature, food and people once you get to know them more in-depth. Believe it or not, the city is most famous for its delicious local food, yet there is more to the Surabaya than its restaurants.

Best Surabaya Vacation Packages:

Complete Java by Air

6 nights from $2,082*

This breathless vacation package offers you a visit to Java, one of the most important islands in Indonesia. A part of Indonesian history took place on this island. Discover: Jakarta (the capital and largest city of Indonesia, located on the northwest of the island); then, visit Yogyakarta (cradle of civilization on Java. It is known for its traditional arts and cultural heritage). End this trip with a pleasant stay in Surubaya (dynamic business capital city of the province of East Java, most famous for its canals and buildings from its Dutch colonial past and delicious local food and restaurants). These destinations are connected by flights. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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Other Surabaya Vacation Packages:

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