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Geiranger is a small town in the western region Sunnmore, but raises above any other Norwegian town by its reputation. This is related to the nearby Geirangerfjord, the most majestic fjord and one of the best scenery world-wide. Geirangerfjord is a 958 ft. deep and 10 miles long branch of Storfjord. The Seven Sisters waterfall is one of the most impressive sights on the fjord rock face. Unfortunately, this unique place listed on UNESCO World Heritage Site List in 2005 is threatened by the erosion of the Akerneset Mountain, which risks producing a devastating tsunami. Geiranger tourist season lasts from May till early September; in June, the traditional sport event "Geiranger - From Fjord to Summit" consists of a half-marathon run and bicycle race from the sea level up to the top of Mount Dalsnibba.



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