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Pico Island (Azores) Vacation Packages

Whether you are a localite or simply visiting Pico Island, it has a distinctive character all of its own. The reason for its nickname becomes clear as soon as you set foot ashore: its soil is black as ink and its windy roads are contoured with walls of dark volcanic rock. But Pico is also typified by its many vineyards, green hilly landscapes perfect for hiking, and many outdoor adventures. Pico can easily keep you busy for days. Pico literally means peak in Portuguese, and it’s easy to see why the island was named after its mountain. At 2351 meters of altitude, the dormant volcano is the highest peak in Portugal.

Pico Island

Pico Island (Azores)

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Cities in Pico Island

  • Lisbon  
  • Porto  
  • Coimbra  
  • more cities
Pico Island (Azores): Point of Interest Map
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