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Lindholm Hoje Vacation Packages

Lindholm Hoje is an ancient burial site located in Denmark, dating back to the Iron Age and Viking Age. It is a significant archaeological site, consisting of over 700 graves, stone ships, and other burial structures. The site provides valuable insights into the burial practices and cultural traditions of the people who lived in the region during that time period. Lindholm Hoje is considered a key historical landmark, offering researchers and visitors alike a glimpse into the past and the lives of those who once inhabited the area. The site's preservation and ongoing research contribute to our understanding of Scandinavian history and the customs of its early inhabitants.

Visit Lindholm Hoje with a private transfer from Aalborg and Frederikshavn or Aarhus and Frederikshavn

Lindholm Hoje

Lindholm Hoje
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Lindholm Hoje: Point of Interest Map
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