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Hanko, also known as Hangö in Swedish, is a coastal town situated at the southernmost tip of Finland. Renowned for its beautiful beaches, maritime heritage, and unique geographical location, Hanko attracts visitors with its scenic landscapes and historical significance. The town is famous for its long sandy beaches, such as Bellevue Beach and Tulliniemi Nature Path, making it a popular summer destination for locals and tourists alike. Hanko's picturesque harbor, lined with colorful wooden houses and charming cafes, reflects its maritime history and serves as a focal point for visitors. Hanko played a significant role in Finnish history, especially during the wars, and remnants of the town's historical past can be seen in various sites, including Hanko Front Museum, showcasing artifacts from World War II. Additionally, Hanko hosts cultural events, festivals, and outdoor activities throughout the year, appealing to visitors seeking a mix of history, nature, and seaside relaxation in Finland.



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