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Pyha-Luosto National Park is located in Finland`s Lapland Province. The park`s base is formed by Finland`s southernmost, 12-peak tunturi line. The tunturis are remnants of Alp-like mountains of 2 billion years of age. The highest tunturis are Noitatunturi (1770 ft) and Ukko-Luosto (1,690 ft). Luosto also has excellent facilities: spas, cozy log cabins, downhill and cross country ski slopes and tracks. Moreover, this wonderful place offers quite a variety of activities from ice climbing and snow sculpting to reindeer, husky as well as snowmobile safaris. The main attractions are downhill skiing and reindeer, husky, Santa and snowmobile activities. As a matter of fact, the national park is a stone's throw away. It is much worth seeing both summer and winter.



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