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Tanum Rock Carvings Vacation Packages

The Tanum Rock Carvings are a remarkable collection of ancient petroglyphs that offer a fascinating glimpse into the prehistoric art and culture of Scandinavia. These intricate carvings, dating back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, depict a variety of scenes, including ships, animals, and human figures, providing valuable insights into the beliefs and daily life of the people who created them. The Tanum Rock Carvings are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, recognized for their historical significance and artistic merit. Visitors to Tanum can explore these captivating rock carvings, marvel at their intricate details, and appreciate the skill and creativity of the ancient artists who left their mark on the landscape.

Visit The Tanum Rock Carvings with a private transfer between Oslo and Malmo

The Tanum Rock Carvings

Tanum Rock Carvings
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Tanum Rock Carvings: Point of Interest Map
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