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Agrigento (Sicily) Vacation Packages

Agrigento was built on top of the ancient Greek colony town of Akragas. It is home to the amazing "Valley of the Temples", a site hosting some of the greatest Greek ruins in the world. Listed as a World Heritage Site, these ruins are some of the best preserved Greek ruins outside Greece proper. Roman and Gothic buildings are also present, but the town`s main attraction remains its Greek heritage.

Best Agrigento (Sicily) Vacation Packages:

Catania - Syracuse - Ragusa - Agrigento - Palermo (Self Drive)

11 nights from $861*

Our rental car vacation packages are some of our most popular because they allow you to take total control of your experience! Explore Italy! See Sicily and all its glory - from grit to glam. Begin in Catania (a youthful city with enviable food and culture), before heading off to Syracuse (where Ancient Greek ruins rise out of lush citrus orchards, and café tables spill out of the streets along the sparkling sea), next visit overlooked Ragusa (a sensible city with tangled alleyways, Baroque piazzas, and stone homes), then lovely Agrigento (with its medieval quarter and the nearby dazzling Valley of the Temples) before ending in popular Palermo (quintessential Sicily; vintage stores, fantastic food, opera, vineyards, and more overlooking the sparkling sea - be prepared to fall in love!). Spend as much time as you like in each destination and see the sights that interest you the most! This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotels, rental car and activities.

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Other Agrigento (Sicily) Vacation Packages:

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Agrigento (Sicily)

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  • Rome and Essential Sicily (Palermo - Agrigento - Taormina - Catania)
    11 nights from $1,419*
  • Italy`s boot!. Combine pleasant stays in Rome (the Eternal City, with its stunning architecture like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum and delicious food) with the essential highlights of Sicily Island; including the grit and glam of: Palermo (noted for its history, culture, architecture and outdoor street markets), the Greek influenced of Agrigento (with its Valley of the Temples) and Taormina (with its famous Ancient Greek Theatre) and the youthful and energetic Catania (cultural, artistic, economical and political centre in Sicily, with imposing mountains and marine reserves). Intercity flights and transfers connect these destinations. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.
    • Hotel for 3 nights in Rome
    • Flight from Rome to Palermo
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Palermo
    • Transfer from Hotel in Palermo to Hotel in Agrigento via Castello di Caccamo
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Agrigento
    • Transfer from hotel in Agrigento to Hotel in Taormina
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Taormina
    • Transfer from Hotel in Taormina to Hotel in Catania
    • Hotel for 2 nights in Catania

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