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Nuoro Province (Sardinia) Vacation Packages

The Province of Nuoro is situated in east-central Sardinia overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its capital, also named Nuoro, was once an isolated hilltop village but had its cultural renaissance in the 20th century. Today museums in the historic center pay homage to local legends including Nobel Prize–winning author Grazia Deledda. Further enhancing Nuoro's modern-day cultural vitality are the local university and the recently renovated ethnographic museum. Along the coast Dorgali and Orosei attract visitors to their shores, but also offer captivating histories and delicious local delicacies. The province of Nuoro offers a holiday that seeks the roots of the Sardinian culture, visiting the Museum of Life and Popular Traditions in Nuoro, and the Museum of the Masks in Mamoiada.


Nuoro Province (Sardinia)


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Nuoro Province (Sardinia): Point of Interest Map
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