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Isle of Skye (Inner Hebrides) Vacation Packages

The largest isle of the Western Isles inner archipelago is Skye, popular because of its bridge that connects to the mainland. The Vikings called Skye 'The Cloud,' and in Gaelic it was known as 'Eilean a' Cheo,' or Island of the Mist. No other island conjures the images of history and romance more than Skye. Its mountains and lakes evoke awe, and legends are woven seamlessly into the very history of Scotland.

Outdoor activities reign supreme here: from rock climbing to pony trekking, walking, cycling, and bird watching, the breathtaking views will refresh and recharge your spirit. Even when the weather changes (as it frequently does), the island loses none of its charm. Shrouded in light mists, the island takes on a more magical appeal. Head indoors to learn the history of the island in one of many centers, visit local potters, painters, or silversmiths to learn their trade, or just sit by a peat fire in an old pub with a glass of Talisker Whiskey, which is distilled right here on the island!

Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye (Inner Hebrides)

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