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Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands): Point of Interest Map
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Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands) Vacation Packages

Iriomote is Okinawa's second largest island. It is largely undeveloped, with nearly 90 percent of its land covered by dense jungle and mangrove forests. The island is also home to the Iriomote Yamaneko, a type of wildcat, which was discovered in 1965 and is only found on Iriomote Island. Wide areas of the island are part of the Iriomote Ishigaki National Park, the southernmost of Japan's national parks and one of the country's most unique. Believe it or not, Iriomote Island is also a very popular scuba diving destination especially at Manta Way, the strait between Iriomote and nearby Kohama Island, where schools of manta rays congregate in spring and summer. Diving tours are available for all skill levels.

Map of Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands)?

Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands)

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