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Karatsu: Point of Interest Map
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Karatsu is a small, coastal city in the northern region of Saga Prefecture. The area has a variety of attractions on offer including beautiful beaches, caves, castles, and a fish market. If you are looking for a hassle-free trip with a variety of historical and natural sites to explore, Karatsu City is definitely for you. In the past, Karatsu was a major stop for ships making the journey towards Korea and China because it is one of the closest Japanese cities to the Korean Peninsula. Today the city is known for its castle, the annual Karatsu Kunchi festival (November 2-4) and its local pottery. Several more attractions are found on the nearby rural Higashi Matsuura Peninsula, including beautiful coastal scenery and the ruins of a huge castle that Toyotomi Hideyoshi used in his invasion attempt of Korea in the late 1500s.



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