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Nagasaki: Point of Interest Map
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Nagasaki Vacation Packages

Nagasaki is the old port city with a deep foreign trade history. The vibrant streets are filled with European style buildings, churches, museums, and memorials. The ancient city is surrounded by the ocean and the mountains with a "10 Million Dollar View". As a matter of fact, it is the host of many festivals throughout the year including The Nagasaki Lantern Festival and The Nagasaki Dragon Boat Competition. Believe it or not,thanks to its proximity to the Asian mainland, the port city of Nagasaki has played a prominent role in foreign trade relations for many centuries and was the most important of only a very few ports open to restricted numbers of foreign traders during Japan's period of isolation.

Best Nagasaki Vacation Packages:

Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka - Hiroshima - Nagasaki with Rail Pass

10 nights from $843*

Charms of Japan!... Start your trip in Tokyo, the worlds most populous metropolis and recently awarded as the city with best `Helpfulness of locals', 'Nightlife', 'Shopping' and 'Best Local Transportation'. Then take the train to Kyotoknown as the City of the Ten Thousand Shrines for a reason! Since it holds about a quarter of Japan's National Treasures and popular festivals. Up next roll-on to Osaka, famous for its delicious traditional food along with its Castle and renowned Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Then comes Hiroshima followed by Nagasaki both historic places that I will venture to call the 'Phoenix Cities', which have emerged from the ashes to become beautiful modern cities. This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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