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Akita: Point of Interest Map
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Akita Vacation Packages

Akita is a large prefecture at the Sea of Japan coast in the northern Tohoku Region. Prefectural capital is Akita City. Among Akita's main attractions are its natural beauty of mountains and the sea, hot springs and the town of Kakunodate, which preserves one of Japan's most interesting samurai districts. For those unaware, Akita is home to a plethora of beautiful natural attractions, unique traditional festivals throughout the year, and plenty of food to discover.

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Complete Tohoku Region

10 nights from $1,872*

The Japan's northernmost region; encompasses six prefectures and countless fascinating destinations. Combine and discover with the Rail Pass; Tokyo (Japan's main capital); and then, travel to Tohoku Region, visiting; Fukushima (is famous for, including relaxing onsen, sake, cherry blossoms and powder-covered mountain slopes); Sendai (considered to be one of Japan's greenest cities, mostly because of its great numbers of trees and plants); Akita (famous for rice farming and its sake breweries); and Aomori (considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit because of its abundance of natural landscapes). This is a flexible vacation package. Select your number of nights in each city, desired hotel and activities.

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