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Yamagata: Point of Interest Map
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Yamagata is a city in northern Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. Yamagata is a mountainous region, and near two-thirds of its area is covered in thick forests. This prefecture is divided into four main regions: Murayama, Okitama, Mogami, and Shonai, and it has more than 230 waterfalls in the area – earning it a nickname, “The Kingdom of Waterfalls”.This prefecture is known for its exciting travel destinations, including vintage onsen towns, the tremendous Mt. Zao, and local delicacies like Yonezawa Beef and Cherries. Northeast of the city, a long stairway leads up Mount Hojusan to the Yamadera Temple complex. The temple’s Godaido observation deck offers panoramic views. Nearby, Yamadera Basho Museum is dedicated to the 17th-century poet Basho, who was inspired by his visit to the area.



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