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Tafalla and Olite Vacation Packages

Olite is a town and municipality located in the Comarca de Tafalla comarca, Merindad de Olite merindad, in Navarre, Spain. Imagine a town with cobbled streets, noble houses, medieval galleries and splendid churches. Imagine its people standing around chatting, tradesmen calling out their wares and workers toiling in the fields and vineyards beyond the walls. Imagine a beautiful castle looming over the town. With impressive towers, luxurious rooms and the leafiest gardens ever grown. Now you can stop imagining, because this isn`t a mirage. It`s a real place and you`ll find it in the Central Zone of Navarre. Its name is Olite and its castle is called the Palacio Real (Royal Palace).

Tafalla and Olite

Tafalla and Olite

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Tafalla and Olite: Point of Interest Map
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